Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Block Lotto Blocks

At our Virginia Consortium of Quilters (VCQ) biannual retreat we call Celebration coming up at the end of April, we have a "block lotto".  Whoever is in charge of this activity has selected a block design and fabric and created kits that participants can purchase for a nominal fee to make blocks.  Upon arrival at Celebration, blocks are turned in and for each block you have made, you get a chance to win a set of blocks.  If you make one block, you have one chance; if you make 5 blocks, you have 5 chances.  The number of blocks in a set will be determined by the total number turned in, but will be enough for at least a lap size quilt.

Last weekend (National Quilting Day), Sue set about making her blocks.  She completed two.  The block pattern for this year's event is paper pieced and is from the Quilters Cache website.  They call it Night and Day; we are calling it Crystal Facets, since our theme for the retreat is "Its Crystal Clear We Are Quilters".  Participants are to choose gemstone color fabrics to use along with the provided background fabric.  These are her two completed blocks, which ended up not being as difficult as she anticipated. (Figuring out a method to keep the largest piece on straight grain was a big help.)

She has one more block kit left to make, so plans to tackle that this afternoon.  Who knows, maybe a tutorial will follow?  Stay tuned.

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