Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lisa White Reber of Dippy Dyes

One of the highlights of this year’s Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival was seeing Lisa White Reber from Dippy Dyes at her booth and also visiting her dyeing class. 

­­­We encountered Lisa at previous shows and officially "met" her at CABS (Creative Arts Business Summit) in Dulles Virginia, March 2015.  CABS is a great summit for anyone who works in any type of creative art medium and wishes to grow their business.  We were able to stop by and visit Lisa in her booth which is full of lovely yardage of many types of fabric all of which have been custom dyed, discharged, printed, folded, stitched and created with many other techniques.
Lisa carries a group of her own custom Thermofax screen designs which we produced for her.

On Saturday afternoon we stopped by a class she was teaching and watched the students use the thermofax screens with thickened dye as well as other techniques she had going on at stations around the room.
 Our VCQ friend Betty Blessin with a piece she created in class.
Another class sample, this one by Abby Geddes, also a VCQ friend.

The show always has an "instructor's row" display; the one below is Lisa's.  (Please excuse the crookedness which is the fault of the photographer.)
It is called "Sir Isaac, May I Present Alma Thomas".  Lisa says "This winter I fell in love with the work of Alma Thomas.  This dye-painted fabric is an interpretation of her paintings, The Eclipse and Rainbow.  A challenge to incorporate the written word onto the cloth led to the quotation from Wordsworth.  And that leads to the thought, what if they met?"

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