Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More Mandalas Revealed

With last Friday's dusting of snow, Sue scraped enough snow together for 2 mandala attempts which she posted about here.  After 2 days of batching and soaking, she did the final wash yesterday and can now reveal the results.  She would say they are not as spectacular as other dyer's results, but not bad for an amateur either!  Here are the results and folding process for the 2 pieces.
The piece above was done with 3 colors - watermelon, turquoise and elephant grey.  A 22" square was folded in half, then quarters, then a triangle that was accordion folded, and finally rolled and placed in a plastic cup.  She was a little nervous about letting it sit in the melted snow/dye muck for 2 days, but it did not turn into a muddy colored mess as she feared!

The second piece below was done with baby blue, coral and indigo colored dyes.
This one was folded in a wedge shape (about 60 degree angles), again folded to alternating sides like an accordion, and rubber banded and placed on top of a screen for the dyeing process (see previous post).  Even though the snow on this one was melted in a day's time, she refrained from rinsing and washing to allow the dye time to set.

It's fun to experiment!