Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Texture Prints

Challenge #3 from Julie Booth was to find objects that would create texture, so we pulled out some household objects that we've used in the past for gelatin plate printing.  Part of the challenge this week was using a brayer without getting too much paint on it.  Because some of the textured objects did not have a lot of depth, too much paint would obscure the texture.  We put the texture under the fabric, and in Sue's case, dyed color catchers that she used for printing.  Here's what we came up with.
Large bubble wrap.
Rubbery drawer mat.
Covering from a box of clementines.
A gridded mat.
A mesh bag from produce, or maybe a turkey?
A round gripper mat.

Are you familiar with Color Catchers?  They are a laundry product made by Shout to put in the washer with clothing you think might bleed.  We use them when we wash out dyed fabric to absorb excess dye.  They are a non-woven fabric kind of like interfacing, and are great for printing on. They work well for fusible applique (no frayed edges) and are perfect for mixed media project too.  They were handy to pull out for some quick printing.

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