Thursday, May 7, 2015


For the fourth challenge, Julie chose rubbings.  Think about elementary school when you laid paper over a textured object and rubbed across with a crayon.  Same idea on fabric.  Except that Sue stuck with the color catchers she used for textures.  This time she used Shiva oil paint stiks instead of textile paint.  The search was on for objects from the kitchen that would work for a rubbing.
First was a grater.  The marks from the large and small size holes have potential.
This is a circular gripping mat.  It's texture is more subtle, so gives a softer look to the rubbing.
Next was a cheese slicer.  Not bad for creating lines.  Hmm, could have used this last week for lines!
This is a jar gripper.  We like how the flower pattern comes through in the rubbing.
This last is a favorite; it is a woven trivet, and makes a nicely ridged texture in a radiating circular pattern.  We can see this used to create a background texture on fabric.


  1. Great rubbings! Especially like the ones made fr the graters and that last one is a real winner! Thanks for continuing to play along.

  2. I love that radiating pattern from the trivet!