Friday, May 29, 2015

Studio Clean-up Continued

Can you see the long-arm machine in this photo?
It's hiding amongst the piles.  The table is a "stuff" collector, so the machine doesn't get used that much.  Just like people who use exercise machines to hang clothes on.  Expensive table!  Getting it cleared off is the next goal, and here is the result.  I wonder how long it will last?
In the process of cleaning out the cabinet, I found some Cherrywood fabric.  I like to use Cherrywood for printing samples, and their grab bags are the perfect size.  Well, I found enough leftover fabric to make my own grab bag!
I also found another stack of fabric and bag hiding under the cutting table.  Actually these are both from last summer in New Hampshire, visiting shops in the row by row shop hop, and several trips to Keepsake Fabrics.  These have now found a home in the cabinet.  (There was room!)
And finally, here is the mostly cleared off cutting table.  Hopefully it will stay semi-clean for a while!  But clutter just shows I am working on things, right?

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