Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sue's Studio Clean-up

Often after a project (or several) are finished, it's time for a studio clean-up to put things back in order.  I can work in the chaos for a while, but then it's got to go.   Of course, you might look at my storage systems (or lack of) and think it's still chaotic but it works for me, mostly.  At least it hasn't taken over the floor - yet.  The worst part of this task was that I had way more new fabric to put in the storage cabinet than would fit; the piles end up taking over my cutting table, so I decided it was time to clean out the cabinet.  Of course I forgot to take a true "before" picture - I was about 2/3 done before I remembered to pull out the camera. 
In this picture I'd already tackled the bottom 2 shelves and the top one, and was started on the 2nd from top which is the batik section.  These are my favorites, and what I have the most of in the stash, and many of these have not seen the light of day in a while.  I decided some color sorting was in order so I could at least have a chance of finding what I might be looking for at any given time. 

The above two shots show my attempt at color sorting.  I was surprised to find that my 2 biggest piles were green and brown - I would not have predicted that.  Neither are really my "go to" colors - but I guess I'll be looking for more ways to use them in future projects!  Also, I buy mostly fat quarters but was surprised to find bigger pieces - 1/2 yards, full yards, even some bigger.  Those went into a separate group for potential backings.  After "weeding" out a selection to use for an upcoming retreat give-away, I had enough space to fit all the "keepers" back in the cabinet.
Taking your stash out and really looking at it makes you realize several things:
  • time to put the brakes on buying!
  • time to get rid of more - I feel a give-away coming on!
  • if your tastes change, find it another home!
  • time to make more charity quilts, or donate to charity projects
  • start making bigger quilts!
  • I'll never use it up in my lifetime! 
Of course, I am not finished.  This is process that will not be completed overnight. Changing habits isn't easy!  And as I continue to clean up, I find more forgotten piles to deal with! Stay tuned.

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