Saturday, May 16, 2015

Buds, Blossoms and Blooms

Months ago, back in the midst of winter, Quilting Arts magazine announced a Reader's Challenge called Buds, Blossoms and Blooms.  Always up for a challenge, and having had 1 previous submission selected for publication in the December/January issue, Sue decided to submit a quilt for this challenge too.  Actually, having 2 ideas that she couldn't decide between, she decided to make and submit both if they turned out the way she envisioned.  So she set about making two 10" square quilts as specified by the magazine.

Long story short,  at the beginning of February the finalists were announced and Sue found out that both of her quilts were selected!  It was noted that only one might be published in the magazine, while the other could be published online.  Well, the June/July issue is now published (though it has yet to arrive in the mailbox) and Sue just discovered the online extra publications at Quilting Daily and the quilt called Queen Ann's Lace has been published there!  While the link is provided, unless you are a member and sign in, you won't see the picture.  However, you CAN see it here!
In the next post we'll share a few pictures of the creation process.  And hopefully the magazine will arrive in the next few days, at which time we'll share the second piece.  Stay tuned!

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