Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sue's Spice Route Favorites

Like Elizabeth, Sue had her favorites of the Spice Route quilts for various reasons.  In some cases it was the workmanship or techniques, in others it was the very skillful choices and manipulation of fabrics to create strong visual impact.  We still feel honored to be included with this group of quilt artists!
Road to Mathura - Ginger from India by Carole Nicholas stands out for it's design which invites you in and captures you with her attention to detail.  The beautiful hand quilting and neutral background balance the colorful figures in the foreground.
When viewing pictures of Quest for the Nutmeg by Nancy Oldham, Sue thought it looked like a painting.  In this close up you can see how the fabric choices helped her achieve that effect.
Elizabeth and Sue share Tanzanian Cardamom by Peg Green as a favorite.  With it's bright colorful batiks and skillful use of fabric you can't help but be drawn in for a closer look.
Cinnamon by Jill Jensen stands out for it's color evocative of cinnamon and the block printing and discharge techniques used.
The Spice Bazaar-Cumin by Karin Tauber has great visual impact.  Here is a close up of the spice crocks in the bazaar.
We ran into Linda Cooper at the exhibit and got a shot of her with her Sanctuary (Mustard Seed) quilt.  Her circular cut work creates an intriguing view through the window.
Ann Reardon's Tumeric Caravan is another shared favorite and here is a close up view of a different aspect, the tumeric plants with beautiful shading and stitch detail.

We hope you have enjoyed this virtual exhibit and check the touring schedule to see if it will be coming to a venue near you.  It really is so much better in person!

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