Monday, October 19, 2015

Sue's Repair Project

Sue recently discovered she has a good-sized repair project on her hands.  This quilt, made with feed sacks and 30's/40's reproduction fabrics, has been on her bed for at least 5 years now, maybe longer.  She's known the binding was worn and some quilting needed repair on her husband's half, but didn't realize the wear was much worse.

This tear is the worst, but there are at least 7-8 more of these football shapes that are close to tearing.  Ugh!  What to do!  (Besides make a new quilt.)  Well, after a search of the studio for the leftover fabrics which she knew were hiding somewhere, they finally turned up.  Luckily, not only did she have left-over fabric, there were also left-over blocks!
So she set about unsewing the "footballs" in order to applique them over the torn ones.  Easier said than done.  The footballs are sewn with a small machine zigzag stitch with invisible thread.  Dealing with the points will also be a problem, but she decided to cross that bridge when she got to it.  Well, after taking apart 4 of these, she decided a plan B might be in order.  She more easily found some left-over Quiltsmart panels that were used to make the football shapes and has an alternative idea to just make new ones to solve the point problem.  The foundation could stay in place as opposed to being cut away as in the originals; a slight size adjustment is needed through since the original process makes the shapes a bit smaller than the template.  But that can be dealt with.
Meanwhile, another project deadline has taken over so this project is temporarily on hold.  But stay tuned - you are sure to see more on this repair project!

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