Monday, October 5, 2015

Elizabeth's Favorites from "Along the Spice Route"

The quilts in the exhibit "Along the Spice Route" are all interesting and include some spectacular workmanship.  As this was the second time Elizabeth got to see the exhibit, she focused on details of her favorites. 
Banda Island Sunset-Nutmeg by Anita McLarin was a favorite piece and the three dimensional leaves on the vibrant background make the quilt very interesting.
Bunny Jordan’s Ajwain quilt included this charming pastel panel.
Tanzanian Cardamom by Peg Green is an amazing study in the technique of making faces take shape through the use of contrasting fabrics.  It is certainly an impressive example and the bright colors are so fun.
Ricky Smith Selva made Za’faran-Saffron with some beautiful 3-D flowers in a basket and a field of stitched saffron flowers.  These details are charming.
Star Anise by Gwen Goepel includes a very accurate interpretation of this fragrant spice.
Co-curator Ann Reardon made a spectacularly colorful interpretation of a camel led spice caravan with a bright variegated fabric background and a vibrant banner across the top in Turmeric Caravan.

The details of the ship and people in Banda Niera-Nutmeg by Karen Starnes really stand out as a highlight of the exhibit and perhaps I would have to rate it as the favorite of the favorites.

A big difference between this show and the same exhibit at the Manchester NH show reviewed here was the arrangement of the quilts. At Manchester, they were in small groups in alcoves, which was nice.  But the impact of seeing all the quilts in two long rows at once at the Sew Expo was more impressive.  It will be interesting to view the collection again in another venue, the Center for the Arts in Manassas, VA where it will be on exhibit from Nov. 5 to Dec. 16, 2015.   You can view full size photos of all the quilts on Paula Golden's website here.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Paula Golden's photos of the exhibit. This is such an interesting topic and the interpretations are very creative.