Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mug Rug Tutorial

In my last post I mentioned that I would write a tutorial on how I am making the mug rugs.  There are lots of tutorials and patterns out there on the web.  I just made this up based on the sizes of the component pieces I had.  For most of them I worked with a 3-piece format, some ended up with only 2.  I decided on a finished size of approximately 6x8 inches; actually, that is the size I cut the fusible batting that I sewed the pieces to, so with seam allowances they are a bit smaller than that.
I started by cutting and assembling the parts I needed.  Exact measurements varied from one to another based on the size of the embroidery I used.  As long as your parts add up to 6x8, plus seam allowances, it'll work out.  Here the snowflake pieces are about 5 inches wide; the blue is about 5" high and the tan is about 3".  The strip started out about 2" wide, but ended up trimmed down to fit.
I placed the blue piece on top of the fusible batting and flipped the embroidered piece right sides together over the blue, then stitched a 1/4 inch seam through all the layers.

Then it was flipped right side up and pressed.  The fusible batting helps hold things in place.
Next I added the strip.  You can see that its longer than it needs to be.  I just stitched it on, then flipped, pressed and trimmed it down to size.
Here it is after pressing and trimming.  For the back side, I cut 2 rectangles, 6 x 4 3/4 inches.  On each one, I turned a 6" edge to the wrong side and stitched it down.  (Since this is a batik, there's really no difference between right & wrong sides.)

Then I placed the 2 backs right sides together on top of the front, with the stitched edges overlapping at the center.  Note that you see the folded/stitched edge of the fabric; when it is turned right side out it will be on the inside.

Stitch a 1/4 inch seam all the way around the rectangle, back stitching where your stitching overlaps.
Trim all 4 corners diagonally to reduce the bulk when you turn it.
Here the bottom half has been turned right side out.
Here its been turned and pressed.  You could probably  stop here and not do the quilting, but I prefer it quilted.  (If you choose not to quilt, you would need to hand stitch the opening on the back.)
To quilt, I simply stitched straight lines, 1/2 inch apart.  I marked them with chalk first to make the stitching go a little quicker.  The quilting also secures the opening in the back; just be sure everything is pressed flat first.

Back view.  There you have it!  A quick and easy mug rug!  Of course, you can use any combination of fabrics, pieced, printed, embroidered, whatever you have, and any size; tailor them to any occasion.  Whatever you choose to use, have fun!

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