Sunday, December 28, 2014

Inspirational Book

I received a wonderful new book for Christmas - Lesley Riley's Inspirational Quotes Illustrated
The book contains 130 quotes that Lesley has been collecting for over 50 years.  Each page contains a different quote, each illustrated by artists from varying backgrounds - collage, paint, quilt & fiber, beading, paper, watercolor, digital art.   A nice feature is that the pages are perforated so you can post or frame your favorite quotes. 

I have to say that I started reading it while riding in the car and was completely absorbed, page after page.  With one pass through, there were several pages that spoke to me more than others.  Of course I didn't have anything with me to mark them, so it will take a second equally enjoyable read to find them again. 

If you are looking for some new inspiration or motivation in the new year, this may be the book for you!

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