Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tumble Dye Part 2

Fall Festival Wrap-Up
Winners of last week's giveaway were posted yesterday.  If you were not one of the lucky winners, some of the items are available in our Etsy shop  - the screens, of course, additional scarves, and tote bags.  More of the wall art quilts will be added soon.  Consider purchasing hand made items for your holiday gifts, and check out the other Etsy shops too!

Tumble Dye Part 2
After preparing my fabrics I was ready to try the Tumble Dye. The tutorials  at SEI Crafts show that you can wet the fabric first for more blending of colors, or use it dry for more color intensity.  I decided to wet it and scrunch it to help the colors blend.  After the initial spray, when I opened up the fabric, the color hadn't spread as much as I expected it to, so I decided to leave it open and continue spraying.

This is the fabric when it is still wet - trying to achieve a fall color blend.  The red was a bit more pink than I expected, so more over-spraying of colors was necessary to achieve the look I wanted.  So far, a disappointment with this product is the quality of the sprayer on the bottle.  I was hoping for a finer mist than what I got, and didn't feel like I had a lot of control with where the paint landed.  After spraying both pieces, I remembered a mist sprayer that Elizabeth and I had both bought in our shop hops this summer.  So I pulled that out and poured some of the Tumble Dye into the smaller sprayer.  Good decision - this gave me more of the control I was looking for.  The product I used is called Mist-It.
It is marketed not only for crafts but also things like perfume.  Since I bought this in a shop, I decided to search on line (by Imprint Crafts) and found it at SoftExpressions.  They come is 3-packs or singles.  I placed an order and they were very quick - less than a week from placing the order to receiving it.  Now I can work with multiple colors in the finer spray at the same time. More on the tumble dye results in part 3.

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