Friday, October 10, 2014

QC6 Day 9

July 8, 2014
There wasn't much new on the project front today. I did wash out a shibori piece last night, which you see here.  I was over-dyeing a piece that had large areas of pink, which you can still see.  The fabric was pole wrapped and compressed and the dye didn't penetrate well to the inside layers, so I may do another over-dye with the lighter end on the outside. 
I also started a flour paste resist last night, which is still drying.  When it is dry, it gets crackled and then another color dye is applied which seeps into the cracks.  Maybe it will be dry enough tomorrow.
Today we had an errand to do on the opposite side of the lake to pick up a mooring sticker, so decided to combine the trip with visits to quilt shops in the area that are participating in the Row by Row Experience.  We found 3 shops that were in the general vicinity and stopped to shop and pick up the free row patterns.  Some of the shops also have fabric license plates available that can be added to the back of your row or used in some other creative way.

I love the quirky sense of humor you find up here. These landmarks have been here for years along route 109 around the northeast side of the lake.  But they still amuse me and give you something to look for as you drive the country roads.  Clockwise from the top right: lady bug rock, frog rock, chicken mailbox, tin man, and the giraffe in the barn window, this year joined by the lady in the helmet.  One year there was also a baby giraffe.

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