Sunday, August 6, 2017

Indigo Round 2

On Saturday we dipped some more prepared pieces in the indigo dye pot, trying different folding, tying and resist techniques.  We also thought we'd show what the "bloom" or "flower" looks like that forms on the top of the pot.  When you want to use the indigo, you first remove the bloom and set it aside, then replace it when you are finished.  As long as the bloom lasts on top of the pot, your dye is still active.  If it disappears, the pot will need to be refreshed.  You can read more about maintaining an indigo pot at the ProChem or Dharma websites.
Sue used some acrylic shapes that were clamped to the folded fabric to create a resist.  In this photo you can see the fabric still oxidizing from green to blue.
Here's the piece after washing and drying.  The shapes came out really crisp.
Elizabeth did this piece which was accordion folded, first in one direction, then the other so it was a small square and held it together with rubber bands.
This one was folded in half (see the dark line down the middle?), then accordion folded and banded.
This was a standard flag fold (triangles).
Sue decided to use the zigzag stitching technique on a t-shirt.
And a few more pieces are hanging on the line today!

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