Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Quilt Camp Day 2

Day two of our Quilt Camp arrived on a Sunday and found us still enjoying the state of Maine.  We had decided to stay over night since Sue had been on the road three days straight and we wanted to check out the town of Freeport, home of LL Bean, many outlets, and Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop. Elizabeth sure is glad that she doesn't wear shoes or a backpack this big and she sure would like to win this circular Yurt that LL Bean is giving away.

Two years ago we had stopped in Freeport at Cotton Weeds when we were Row by Row shopping and decided to pay it another visit.  They have changed locations and are now located very close to the downtown area.

Sunday hours at Cotton Weeds are 11-4 so we had some time to walk around town and shop before stopping by the quilt store.  It is a pleasant space with parking located adjacent to the building and worth the visit if you are planning to be in Freeport.  They are participating in Row by Row On the Go this summer and here is a photo of their license plate.

One nice part of travel is that we can look with a eye towards finding new textures to turn into new screens.  These may have some possibilities.  They must first be manipulated in PhotoShop to be certain they are pure black and white images. Sometimes it is an interesting shape we would like to remember and create a hand drawn image based on the photo such as these "comfy" stone lounge chairs!

We were back to New Hampshire for dinner and to enjoy some time on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.

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  1. I love the backpack-it just might fit everything needed for quilt day. And those lounge chairs are terrific. I feel my back relaxing.