Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Final Project for 2015 - Fabric Boxes

The PGFiber2Art studios (aka sewing rooms) are quiet these last few weeks of the year.  Elizabeth is off on a cruise with her family for the winter break, and Sue is nursing a cold (that arrived quite unexpectedly) while finishing last minute holiday preparations.  This year's handmade project was stitching up some fabric boxes used as containers for gifting mason jars of a bean soup mix. Tutorial instructions for these boxes can be found on the Seaside Stitches blog.
Aren't these cute?  They start with coordinating squares of fabric that are layered with batting, stitched and turned right side out, then quilted.  You could quilt anyway you choose; Sue used concentric squares on hers. 

After quilting, they are folded in half and corners are stitched to form the box.  The resulting points are folded down and secured with buttons, and the inside triangles are tacked down.  You can vary the square dimensions and sizes of the corner triangles to end up with different size boxes.  They could be used to hold any number of things, from sewing supplies to wrapped candies, makeup, a square tissue box, or a small potted plant. These are easy and fun to do.  Enjoy!

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