Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fall Postcard Swap

Sue participates in a postcard swap group that exchanges cards twice a year.  What started out in 2005 (10 years ago!) as a group of about 15 has dwindled to 5, sometimes 6 - a much more manageable number for making multiples!  The fall exchange has just completed with the theme "The Code" - open to whatever interpretation the artist makes, whether it be literal, abstract, or somewhere in between.

For her card, Sue chose to highlight the "coded" language of knitting instructions.  Here's how she created it.  First was taking a photo of this knitted scarf to make into a screen.
The screen was printed onto a hand dyed piece of fabric with red, yellow and blue.  Sue tested with white and sand colored paint, and ended up blending the 2 colors in the prints.  This is the left over "test" - she printed only enough for the cards she was making - and the screen.
The next step was creating the "code" which she did by creating a document with various knitting instructions on it, and then printing it on Extravorganza.  The Extravorganza was overlaid and fused (with Mistyfuse) onto the printed fabric, which had already been fused to the base.  Sue uses Peltex 72F as the base for her cards.  It is a double-sided fusible ultra firm stabilizer by Pellon.  She likes using the fusible stabilizer because it makes it easy to assemble the card, and they hold together well for going through the mail.  
Here is how the finished card turned out.
And here is the group of cards from this exchange.  They include Dress Code, Morse Code, the Language of Flowers, and of course the knitting code.

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  1. Creative idea. I think I would have done something with a heart for a cardiac code.