Monday, August 10, 2015

Patches Quilt Loft and Embroidery

After leaving Bittersweet Fabrics, we still had 75 minutes before curbside pick-up at the airport.  So we quickly looked up what else would be located between Boscawen and Manchester, NH and found a shop not far from the airport.  Located in an Industrial Park just one exit from where we get off to go to the airport is Patches QuiltLoft and Embroidery.
Because the owner has another job, this shop opens at 2:30 PM.   Not knowing this, we arrived at 2:10 and the plane was to land at 2:30.  We thought we should still have time for a whirlwind tour of the shop if we waited for her to open since our guests were not sure that they wouldn’t have to wait for the next plane for their bags. They had arrived at the first airport less than 30 minutes before departure and were the final two passengers to board and then immediately took off!  They were lucky they got here, let alone the luggage.  However, it turns out that last luggage on is first off so they were ready to be picked up by 2:40 at the small and efficient Manchester airport.  They would have to wait for us.

Patches Quilt Loft and Embroidery has many samples lining the walls of their three room shop and a pretty selection of batik fabrics.  The owner is cheerful and welcoming and another group of 3 out-of-state row-by-row shoppers were also there ready to buy.  The shop row this year is two loons in a lake.  A very New Hampshire scene.  They were also the first shop where we have seen a Northcott H2O CHIP PACK available.  It contains 20 5-inch squares of fabric; half are called “By the Sea” and the other half “Lakeside”, a pretty collection of aqua and teal blues with accent colors. 
Her license plate is cute with the addition of the red heart to add to the message and most quilters will relate to the sentiment.  
If you are ever in the Manchester NH, area look up this shop for a visit.

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