Monday, August 3, 2015

Jacquard Water-Based Resist with Thermofax Screens

Whenever we go to a quilt show or shop, we are looking for new (or new to us) products to try.  One thing we bought last fall at the Sewing and Quilt Expo was a resist product made by Jacquard.  According to their website, "Resist is used to draw the edge of an image on silk, stopping the flow of dye at the resist lines. Jacquard Products manufactures 3 lines of resists."  We purchased a colorless, water-based resist, not with intention of using it on silk, but to try on the cottons we most frequently work with.
With time at quilt camp winding down, Sue decided to see what else she brought along to try, and found the resist.  So she decided to see if it would work with screen printing.  Using a piece of previously dyed orange cotton, she screen printed leaf images (available in the Etsy shop) on the fabric and allowed it to dry.
When it was dry, she painted the piece with Dye-Na-Flow paint in burnt umber and red and hung it on the line to dry.
After it was dry, the piece was rinsed to remove most of the resist, then machine washed and dried.
Sue is pleased with how the piece turned out.  Her goal was to see how well the orange base would show through after the paint application.  Because of the nature of the screens, there is some texture to the leaves where the paint was able to color inside the leaf resists.  The product description states that the resist can be colored with any water-based dye.  Hmm...sounds like a way to add more color variety to a piece with this process.  Worth more investigation and experimentation!

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