Saturday, June 10, 2017

Elizbeth's FMTTM Fvorites

Since Sue shared her favorite Moon quilts, it's only fair to highlight Elizabeth's as well.  Interesting that there wasn't a lot of overlap in our choices.
Snow Moon is by Ginnie Hebert of Puyallup, Washington.  Snow Moon refers to the February full moon, and is inspired by Native American lore.
Parkes Telescope - Australia is by Susan Auden Wood of Croydon South, Victoria, Australia.  The Parkes site was used to broadcast the pictures of the Apollo 11 moon landing.
Connected By the Moon by Susanne M. Jones of Potomac Falls, VA.  This quilt depicts Susanne's grandparents who were separated during WWI, he in France, she is Alabama.  They had agree to both look at the moon at a particular time each night, thus their connection by the moon.
Moon Dancer by Catherine Etter of Powhatan, VA.  Her quilt is based on the quote of VA Alison – "She blows kisses to the one who danced through her dreams and leaves a trail of moondust on her heart."  Catherine depicts a couple dancing from the moon to the stars, leaving a trail of moondust.
Stuart Roosa: Space Seeds is another quilt by Susanne Jones of Potomac Falls, VA.  Roosa took 500 seeds of various trees along with him into space; they traveled around the moon 34 times.  Most of the seeds germinated.  Called Moon Trees, they were observed for several years before being given away in 1975-76. 
Forward Motion is by Kate Colleran of Centennial, Colorado.  Kate's quilt is a tribute to astronaut Jack Swigert, a fellow Coloradoan.  He faced obstacles and disappointments throughout his life but kept moving forward.
Bad Moon Rising is by Scarlett Rose of Anderson, CA.  This quilt is a tribute to the popular Creedence Clearwater Revival song.

We hope you've enjoyed this virtual quilt show and encourage you to take a closer look at all the quilts on Susanne's website.  If you are near any of the venues where the quilts will be exhibited, it is well worth your time to see them in person.

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