Monday, March 6, 2017

Joining Instagram

Last spring we decided to begin some sporadic posts on Instagram to “try it out”.  Hesitant to get involved in another social media platform that might soak up a lot of time, we had a slow start.  However, after going to QuiltCon, put on by the Modern Quilt Guild, it seems that Instagram has some advantages over the other platforms we currently use which are our Facebook page and the blog. 
You can post from Instagram and set it to go to a Facebook account but right now it goes to our personal Facebook pages and not the business page.  Hmm...there is most likely a way to fix that, we just need to figure it out.  Of course, if any of you know how to link it to a business page, we'd love to hear about it.

The Facebook business page also used to let us see more easily what other quilters and business owners were posting on something similar to the news feed on a personal page.  That feed is still there but it is less obvious and so we no longer find ourselves checking it out. So while we could interact with people who followed us, it was not as easy to interact with people we wanted to follow.
With Instagram the wording is short, making it fairly quick and easy to post.  It really is about the visuals (photographs).  You can add hashtags to make posts easily searchable by topic.  Checking the pictures is like scrolling through a photo album instead of reading lots of posts and links and is much less time consuming than blogging.
The uncluttered feel of the Modern Quilt Guild movement definitely supports Instagram’s clear clean messages.  It also feels like Instagram is where the young quilters are getting their support and ideas.  At PGFiber2Art we want to be able to reach out to all types of quilters who would enjoy adding hand printed fabrics to their art.
Currently we are participating in a month long challenge to post daily on Instagram during March.  You can find posts about this challenge called #IGQuiltFest by searching that hashtag.  It is being sponsored by Amy Ellis of @amyscreativeside.
So, if you are inclined to join Instagram or are already there, feel free to follow us at pgfiber2art.  We look forward to interacting with you there.

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