Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Next Quilting Generation?

Sue is very proud of her daughter for completing her first quilt - a baby quilt for a friend.  She made other pieced or quilted items growing up, but with plenty of help.  This is her first solo project as an adult, with mom giving instructions but her doing the work.
 It's made with 60 degree triangles, so one-at-a-time piecing was called for.
This photo was the decided upon layout - each row was stacked and labeled for sewing.
Above is the finished quilt.  The colors were the new mom's choices for the nursery.
This grey flower print was chosen for the backing.

Sue looks forward to more quilting projects together (hint, hint)!


  1. Nothing like completing your first quilt. Great job. Will be loved for years. Beautiful daughter too.