Monday, September 26, 2016

Saturday's Printing Class

Saturday saw us back at Artistic Artifacts to teach another group the techniques of thermofax screen printing. 
We are always a little surprised where people travel from to take classes, this time we had one from Maryland and one from Delaware.  For some there are not local venues that teach fiber art techniques.
These ladies dove right in and experimented with various fabrics including silk, organza, and previously dyed commercial fabrics. 
We start with various brands of textile paints on cotton fabrics, then branch out to other fabrics and mediums.  This time we were also able to play with the new line of fluid textile paints developed for Artistic Artifacts by ProChem.
We also show how to tape a screen and how to use other products including discharge products (to take color out), thickened dye, foil, and resists.
Here are some more student pieces.  The bottom left shows a metallic foil transfer that is adhered with glue printed through the screen.
And a few more....The piece on the left is a peacock feather printed with discharge paste.
Below is the demo piece that includes paint, thickened dye, foil, and discharge(the leaves) on a background created with a paint resist and Tumble Dye (a spay-on dye).
It's lots of fun to play - come join us next time!

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  1. Had an awesome time in class! I am looking forward to playing more with screen printing.