Monday, September 12, 2016

Fat Quarter Pop-Ups!

Friday night Sue led a sew along at Artistic Artifacts to make a fat quarter (small size) Pop-Up container.  Pop-ups are the creation of Joanne Hillestead, AKA The Fat Quarter Gypsy
These collapsible containers are great catch-alls in the studio or to carry along to workshops.
Everyone completed their pop-up, with a few "lessons learned" for next time.  Such as, don't forget to cut the tape on the wire before you stitch the bottom on!  Oops!  (Guess who - yes, teachers make mistakes too!)

The finished work....ta da!

Patterns are also available for medium, large and extra large pop-ups, though the construction method differs somewhat from the small size.  There are also pop-up partners - designers who have adapted their pieced patterns to fit various size pop-ups.  Check out The Fat Quarter Gypsy site for examples and ideas.

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