Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Quilters Block Party Blog Hop

Our friend Terri Sontra, Head Moose of Purple Moose Designs in Mirror Lake, New Hampshire, has a new game she has created for quilters.  It is called Quilter’s Block Party and we're in the midst of a blog hop to celebrate its launch!  It is a drawing/guessing game similar to Pictionary, but based on quilt blocks.  It is simple to play and requires few supplies.  All you need is enough people to make 2 teams, the deck of cards, and something on which to draw such as a white board with erasable marker, blackboard and chalk or a large piece of chart paper.   It’s great for quilt guild meetings or retreats – or anywhere you have a group of quilters gathered.
54 cards come in the deck and each one contains the name and picture of a quilt block.  You draw pictures to give clues to the components of the block name for your team mates in the hope that they will be able to name the block and earn your team a point.  If they can’t, the opponents get the chance to guess and steal away your point.  We played the game at the Creative Arts Business Summit in late March and again at the Virginia Consortium of Quilter’s CELEBRATION retreat in April.  What a barrel of laughs!
You do not need a knowledge of quilt blocks to play.  Elizabeth’s first block to draw at CABS was Lincoln’s Platform.  She had never heard of the block before but was pleasantly surprised when someone actually guessed it from her primitive sketch of Honest Abe along with one of a hang man game and an arrow pointing to the platform.
Many of the quilters from around Virginia who played at CELEBRATION said they would like to own a deck to play at their quilt meetings, retreats, etc. Of course, some blocks are easier than others - Sue got lucky with rail fence.
Quilter’s Block Party made its debut at Spring Quilt Market, so ask your local quilt shop if they carry this new game by Terri of Purple Moose Designs.  If not, you can order directly from her online shop.
Would you like to win a deck of Quilter’s Block Party cards for your very own?

Comment on this post, below, telling us the name of your favorite quilt block.  The winner, drawn at random, will be announced Saturday.  Visit the other stops in the blog hop and comment on their posts for additional chances to win.  See the hop schedule and links below.  And finally, go to Purple Moose Designs and comment on Terri’s blog for a chance at the grand prize, perfect for your own Block Party (seen in the picture below) which will be awarded on June 12.

The Blog Hop blog stops are:
Friday 6/3 Terri - Overview
Saturday 6/4 Susan Emory Swirly Girls Design
Sunday 6/5 Tammy Silver, Tamarinis
Monday 6/6 Elaine Perez, Summercrafter
Tuesday 6/7 Beth Helfter, EvaPaige QuiltDesigns
Wednesday 6/8 Sandi Blackwell, Stitched Buy
Thursday 6/9 Sue & Elizabeth, PGFiber2Art
Friday 6/10 Penni Domikis, Cabin In TheWoods
Saturday 6/11 Joanne Hillestad, Fat QuarterGypsy
Sunday 6/12 Terri - Wrap-up

We hope you have a great time with Quilter’s Block Party!


  1. I like pinwheels and churn dash blocks. I'm really looking forward to this game. I know my little quilt guild would love to play it.

  2. i like the Star Quilt block :-)

  3. Log cabin because it is so versatile.

  4. My favorite block has always been the Ohio star.

  5. I'm not sure I have a favorite! I recently made an Ohio Star Quilt of Valor and loved it! I'll go with that! ;) Thank you for the chance!

  6. That sounds like so much fun - my quilt bee would love playing that!!

  7. My favorite block Hunter's Star. Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. My favorite changes. Today it is honeybee. I played with you at VCQ Celebration and really liked it. I'd love to have a deck. Thanks for doing this!