Monday, May 16, 2016

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

At the VCQ Celebration weekend, Elizabeth took a class from Victoria Findlay Wolfe called ”15 Minutes 
of Play”.  Victoria also has a book by the same title.

Motivation to take the class came from the realization that for the past few years this method of creating scrap yardage had been embraced by her mother, Barbara, who was determined to use up her fabric stash without buying more.  Hoping to pass on her knowledge from the class this summer in New Hampshire, Elizabeth was planning to gain a few new tips and techniques for this method.  Since Barbara had died a short few days before the class, Elizabeth decided to use Barbara’s scraps to create a project. 

She ended up making some 9 patch blocks from squares Barbara had already put together and now has four large 9 patches which she can use to make a bed sized quilt.  No photos of those blocks yet but hopefully she can work on adding to them this summer to make a completed quilt.  Sue will have to be 
the enforcer - I mean encourager!  Victoria was generous with her ideas for setting the blocks into a plan for this quilt.

Victoria often uses a template to cut large blocks after making her pieced yardage.  Another tool she uses is the folded mirror so she can visualize what a completed design would look like and decide if she wants to make changes before stitching instead of after.  Also creative and interesting is her use of adding a unifying fabric to all of the scrappy template cut pieces such as the addition here of the white points.  

Victoria is an excellent teacher who uses her scrap method to create quilts that are extremely varied in appearance and block design yet united by the use of created yardage from scraps.  An added bonus is 
that Victoria’s scrap quilt blocks come together fast creating an entire quilt top quickly.  If you are ever near a venue where Victoria is teaching, you should seriously consider taking a class from this expert. Here are a few more pictures from class.

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