Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

On this Memorial Day we honor those who've served to protect the USA and especially our fathers who served in World War II.

Ensign Richard Lewis Stewart (Elizabeth's dad) grew up in Memphis, Tenn., and attended the Naval Academy, class of 1941. His first assignment was to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, aboard the ship USS Downes.  It was in dry dock on the day of the attack.  Ensign Stewart earned a Purple Heart that day.
Sargent William Fox (Sue's dad) grew up in Berks County PA. After a year of college, he enlisted in the Army and served in the European theater, in Sicily and North Africa. One of Sue's childhood memories of Memorial Day is helping her dad put the markers and flags on the graves of veterans at two local cemeteries.
We wish to thank all those who have defended our country in the past as well as those who do so today to insure the many freedoms we enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

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