Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Indigo Dyeing

Sunday was a beautiful day on Lake Winnipesaukee.  After several damp and gloomy days the sun shone brightly and the lake had calm winds blowing gently across it.  Our friend, Terri Sontra from Purple Moose Designs joined Elizabeth for the day to create and explore with indigo.  We began by making up our pot of indigo using synthetic pre-reduced indigo from Pro Chemical and Dye
After mixing, the vat of dye needs to sit so we moved on to tying, folding, and clamping our fabrics. 
When we first made the vat, the mix was so clear we could see the reflection of the trees above as if it was a mirror.  By the time we were done with the fabric preparation the vat was ready to try.  Here are some of our results. 

You can see in the photos above and below how the fabric oxidizes from the green color it is when you remove it from the indigo pot to the final blue color.  It's lots of fun to watch it happen!
We think Terri did a terrific job in her first experience with indigo dyeing.

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