Monday, April 10, 2017

A Quilter's Legacy and Give-Away

Many of you knew Elizabeth’s mother through our blog and Facebook page.  She was a lifelong seamstress, embroiderer, and quilter.  But beyond that she was very supportive of the creative endeavors of others, especially her daughters and their creative friends.  As a Girl Scout leader, her troop went camping and did all the outdoor activities that girl scouts do but she also focused on the handicraft and sewing badges, teaching scores of young people how to sew as well as many other crafting skills.  She taught The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction through an adult education program and must have used miles of sewing thread in her long life.  Here she is in the summer of 2015 teaching Elizabeth’s friend, Joni, how to use a rotary cutter.  
Barbara died a year ago today and it just happens that this week is also Elizabeth’s spring break from her job as a public school teacher.  So, she joined her sister at Barbara’s house in Mississippi to continue the task of clearing out the physical objects left in the house.  Barbara never had to move from her home of the last 40 years as some do and they tend to downsize as they step down from one home to the next home.  That means the house is full of stuff!!  Not only that, but she also has a summer home on Lake Winnipesaukee which many of you are more familiar with since that is where we go for our “quilt camps”.  In one day of tackling clearing out the sewing room yesterday, Elizabeth bagged up over 30 unfinished projects and you can hardly tell she worked in there!
Elizabeth also loves to sew but finishing projects was more common for Barbara than it is for Elizabeth so there is no way she will ever get to these.  Naturally, there is also loads of scraps and yardage, threads, embellishments and craft books!  My, quilters do also like books!
Now, the question is, “what to do with them”?  Well, here's an opportunity!

What do you think will happen to your crafting and sewing supplies once you are gone?  Leave a comment here on the blog and/or on the Facebook page and we will select a random winner who will receive a package containing yardage, a book, some embellishments and thread-nothing old and all quite usable!  Who knows what might be in it, think of it as a grab bag surprise! 


  1. Sounds like a lot to go through.
    Donate to the Girl Scouts, find Scout Leaders that are interested.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, that Elizabeth's mother would be pleased if her stash went to projects helping the GSs learn to sew.

  3. My fabric is going to Project Linus, books are to be divided between our small Quilt Museum and Public Library for their book sales, all the rest will be donated to the local SCRAP group. No one in my family sews, so all instructions are in the will. I'd call the local Red Cross. They would know of any groups that make things for the needy here and abroad and might appreciate the supplies. Good luck! I don't envy you. I cleaned out my Dad's shop. He was a wood worker all his life and accumulated just like I have, but with wood working supplies. The local high school's wood shop is now filled with tools and supplies.

  4. I am sure my fabric will go to my guild, as other woman have requested before me. There is also Sew Green in Rochester and in Ithaca, NY that takes craft donations and resells/repurposes them to raise money to teach sewing, so my stuff could end up there.

  5. Clearing out belongings after someone passes is an arduous task.It is also an opportunity to feel like you have spent some more time with them.
    I agree with donating them to the Girl Scouts.

  6. I'm hoping my stuff will go to Cotswold Care - our local cancer charity!

  7. My kids and grandkids will get first pick of my art and supplies, after that, my Quilter's Anonymous Art Quilters group will have the opportunity to build their stash of yarns, fibers, fabric, threads, etc. Our local library will be given leftover books and if there is anything left after that (doubtful), Goodwill will receive the rest.