Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sue's Word for 2017

Positivity.  "The state or character of being positive; a positivity that accepts the world as it is." That is my word for 2017. 
I have been thinking of late how difficult a year 2016 has been - it included an accident 8 months ago that my husband is still recovering from, as well as the deaths of several people I knew.  And anticipating what could be in store for 2017 and beyond, there is certainly much to be concerned about.  So I decided to try to focus on the positive in order to counteract the negative - in daily events, our country, and the world beyond.   To find the positive in every day, in people, in my creative pursuits, and the world in general.   I know that some days will be hard, especially as I head to Pennsylvania today because my 95 year old mother was hospitalized yesterday. But I will try, so wish me luck!

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