Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Screens in the Etsy Shop and Fall Sale

It's hard to believe it's November already.  The leaves are gradually changing color and of course, falling!  Funny how that happens every year :) 
Sue and Elizabeth have been gathering some of these leaves, and found a few to  add to the Etsy shop.  The 3 new leaf screens are medium in size (4 to 5 inches diameter) and include a cluster of beech leaves, hydrangea, and sweet gum.
Here are some photos of how they look printed.
Beech leaves.
Hydrangea leaf.
Sweet gum leaf.

This piece includes prints of these 3 leaves as well as others that were already in the shop.
As noted in this post,  we are having a Fall Sale, which offers 10% off purchases through Dec. 31 with coupon code FALLSALE at checkout.  Browse the shop for these screens and others you might use for your fall or holiday projects.  We hope you're enjoying lovely fall weather wherever you are, as we are in Northern Virginia!

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