Friday, April 8, 2016

Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends

This post is a bit of a flashback to Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in February, but we recently realized we hadn't shared what was our favorite exhibit at the show.  A group of art quilters known as Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends debuted a new installation exhibit they call Wind Chimes: Elements.  It features the 4 elements of fire, earth, water and air and is an immersive experience.  Each of the 10 artists created a panel for each element in their own unique style.  The panels are suspended from bicycle wheels which gently turn with the air currents.  What a delight to walk around and through the 4 segments of the installation and experience this art work rather than viewing it against a flat surface!  This is definitely an exhibit to see!  Below are some still photos, and a brief video to give you a better flavor of the exhibit.

Be sure to visit Fiber Artists @ Loose Ends for more information about these talented artists!

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  1. Loved these pieces at the show! Thanks for sharing the video!