Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow Dye Leftovers

I've called this post "snow dye leftovers" just because I was used the dye leftover from doing the snow dye.  The fabric pieces I used were all fat quarters, one each for the 4 colors without any mixing.  I had not used some of these colors by themselves before, so I did want to see what they looked like alone.  After soaking the pieces in soda ash solution, I scrunched each in the bottom of a plastic container and added the dye.  No additional liquid, but I did use a wooden skewer to move the fabric around a bit to make sure the dye was well distributed.   Then let them sit for 24 hours.
After rinsing, washing and drying, here are the results.  Coral, kingfisher blue, bronze, and elephant grey.  (Obviously I didn't take time to iron them.)  The bronze is actually a bit more brown/gold than it appears in this picture but the other pictures are pretty accurate.

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