Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Images in the Etsy Shop

As the holidays approach, we wanted to add some more holiday/ winter images to the shop that you might use in some of your holiday projects.  Our pine branch image has been there forever (one of our first designs), and we added a single pine cone this summer.  To complement those, we have added 3 new designs.  One is a small pine sprig; another is a grouping of 3 pine cones; the third is a vintage pine sprig. The 3 pine cones image is a medium size screen; the other 2 are small.

The image on the far right is the vintage pine cone.  This image is from The Graphics Fairy and is in the public domain.  The only restrictions on use are to use no more than 6 images from The Graphics Fairy in any one project.

Above you see a sample of the pine cone group and pine sprig used together.

This photo shows the vintage pine sprig paired with our bird.  The bird in the Etsy shop is a medium size (4.5 x 2.5 inches).  For a more compatible scale, the bird can also be ordered in a small size (2 x 3 inches).  Send us a note if you would like the smaller size and charges will be adjusted accordingly.

What could you do with these?  Well, ornaments of course, as in the last post.  Perhaps you send holiday postcards instead of commercial greeting cards.  How about some holiday dish towels or placemats?  Print some yardage and use it for Christmas stockings or holiday pillows.  What else can you think of?

Watch for a few more holiday images in the shop coming soon.

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